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Shark in a Bottle

Meggie | usa |
28 | she/her | cartographer |

I illustrate and assist in writing the webcomic GREEN LION.

I draw a whole lot of OCs, a little bit of fanart. Besides drawing, my primary hobby is tabletop RP. I'm studying digital cartography.

I'm perfectly okay with people making icons and such out of my stuff, but please credit with a link back to me. Don't edit and/or resubmit my work to your gallery.

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Tentacle background by Cloven!
Apr 12 '13
This was not what I sat down to draw AND YET HERE WE ARE.
I’ll color this later.

This was not what I sat down to draw AND YET HERE WE ARE.

I’ll color this later.

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    Laughing so hard right now. I feel like this game has brought all my twisted-ness to light, and now I find I’m not...
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    Please do, it looks wonderful!
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    CRACKING THE FUCK UP BECAUSE I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS WOULD GET SHIPPED Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Luteces. And...
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