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Shark in a Bottle


I illustrate and assist in writing the webcomic GREEN LION.

I draw a whole lot of OCs. Besides drawing, my primary hobby is tabletop RP (currently using the GURPS system). I also love X-Factor Investigations, Star Wars, Evangelion, L.A. Noire, Dragon Age and China Mieville.

I'm perfectly okay with people making icons and such out of my stuff, but please credit with a link back to me. Don't edit and resubmit my work to your gallery.

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Tentacle background by Cloven!
Sep 16 '12

Anonymous asked:

4, 8, and 17? c:

4. What defines my artistic style.

That…. is actually a really hard question. I don’t know anymore. It used to be the way that I colored with copic markers, very hard and heavy on the color with no inking, but now that I do mostly digital, I admit I feel less distinct. At the same time, I love drawing digitally, I just don’t know if the bare bones of my style are anything revolutionary. People often comment on how I draw hair and cloth, though, so I guess those are defining characteristics? I never fuss too much over having a unique style, but when I try to think about it, mostly I just see aspects that I’ve draw heavily from artists I really love. (Phobs, Lexxercise, etc.) 

8. What is my favorite thing that I’ve done.

HM. Is it fair to say Green Lion as a whole? It’s by far the most ambitious thing I’ve ever undertaken, and I credit it for my art improving so much so quickly. Aside from that, my most recent piece is typically always my favorite until I make a new one. 

17. What would I refuse to draw.

Anything that’s made from a hateful place, I guess. While my art is pretty tame, I don’t have a lot of squicks or stuff I wouldn’t consider drawing under the right circumstances, in the right context. However, anything made with the intention of just… wanting to piss people off, I couldn’t do. Anything created just to shit on someone else with no redeeming message.